How To Stop Biting Nails!

How To Stop Biting Nails!
Are you making ending you’re nail biting habit harder than it has to be?

All nail biters have been there… you’re out, and someone comments on your nails. Maybe you catch someone giving you a cringed look as you chomp away at your nails.

You then and there decide to stop biting your nails.

However, what happens just a few moments later while you’re not even thinking about it?

If you’re like most people who try to stop biting their nails with will power, you’ll notice your hands are right back in your mouth, biting away!

Maybe until they bleed.

Here’s an important concept if you want to stop biting your nails easily and without struggle.

If you feel a powerful urge and tension to bite, then no amount of willpower or positive thinking will stop you from biting.

The idea of just “deciding” to stop nail biting is great, but often it is not enough.

Biting your nails has nothing to do with a lack of self control.

How To Stop Biting Easily.

The reality of the situation is that most nail biters think their biggest problem is a lack of willpower.

“I just have to try harder.”

I’ve seen this with MANY, MANY nail biters, and when I challenge them and explain that nail biting is an unconscious and automatic response to certain triggers, I hear things like:

“This time its different, I’m going to snap myself with a rubber band - every time I catch myself.”

“I got this new nail polish that tastes bitter, I will stop this time.”

“I just got a manicure, so I’m motivated not to mess it up.”

In my personal opinion, this is like trying to lose weight by buying smaller jeans.

Sure it can help, maybe motivate you a bit - but it is not enough.

I know that it seems obvious, and you’ve heard dozens of tips about having more discipline and willpower, and even increasing motivation.

But if you feel a powerful emotional URGE to bite, then nothing else matters.

Look down at you nails right now.

Maybe you’re biting them as you read this?

You deserve healthy, long, nice looking nails RIGHT NOW.


Well, because it’s not hard when you have the right strategy.

And that’s what you should focus on… GETTING A PROVEN STRATEGY… not some tricks and gimmicks to help you stop biting.

You can get all you need in order to get rid of this urge and tension to bite, I also share with you some great techniques for fast ways to grow your nails back - without expensive glops, polish, and creams… and without snapping yourself with rubber bands and wearing gloves.

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