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How to Stop Blushing and Conquer your Social Anxiety for Good

How to Stop Blushing and Conquer your Social Anxiety for Good

By reading this article you’ve just taken your first step to overcoming your blushing problem. The first step to overcoming any problem is to realize that problem exists and accept that you have to solve it.

There are many symptoms of social anxiety, blushing being more outwardly noticeable than many. Although blushing and the fear of blushing are often what the sufferer considers to be the ‘major problem’ this is not true. The blushing sufferer, because of their social anxiety, is at a major social disadvantage in all situations from finding a partner of the opposite sex, through negotiations with salesmen, to job interviews – actually in almost any social situation. Social anxiety is preventing you from reaching your full potential.

So, how to stop blushing? Now that you’ve recognized and accepted the problem the next...

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Why Do We Blush?

Why Do We Blush?

If you’ve searched for and found this article, then the chances are that you’ve asked yourself this question many, many times. Why do we blush? What purpose does this useless thing have? Why is it ruining my ability to maintain normal social interactions? You may be sick of asking yourself this question. After all, who cares exactly why we blush? All I care about is how to make it stop! The consequences of the problem are more embarrassing and more frustrating than the biological root of the problem, so you may feel like understanding how blushing works is trivial and unimportant, and a detour on your journey to achieving a blush-free lifestyle. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth.

Understanding what physically happens to your body when you blush is a crucial step in undermining the blushing thought process. Why? It’s very simple...

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I just signed this petition to get Trump off TV – will you?

Subject: I just signed this petition to get Trump off TV – will you?

I just took action telling MSNBC and CNN to stop providing free publicity for Donald Trump’s racist and dangerous rhetoric by giving his interviews, speeches and rallies massive airtime.

I think you should too:

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Why It’s Called a Breakup

Why It’s Called a Breakup
by Amy Waterman, Relationships Expert

A few months ago, I read Greg Behrendt’s book on breakups, It’s Called A Breakup Because It’s Broken. I am a huge fan of He’s Just Not That Into You, and I expected great things from the sequel.

It disappointed me. Not because the information wasn’t good. Not because the style wasn’t lively and engaging.

It was simply because nothing was revolutionary.

He’s Just Not That Into You revolutionized my perspective on dating. Friends who read it suddenly “got” why previous relationships had dissolved. Greg explains that the simple reason why some relationships stuck together and others didn’t was because the guys who are really into you want to be with you … no matter WHAT.

Why didn’t he call after the second date? He just wasn’t that into you.
Why did he dump you? Because no matter how he claimed he felt about you, he just...

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Swan Health - 3 Facts to Help You in Keeping Swans Healthy and Away From Diseases

Swans are gentle and elegant creatures. A lot of people have been familiar with them on books, especially on fairy tales. Their beauty is truly magnificent; their pure white feather complements on the lovely curvature of their neck. Because of the swans’ timeless beauty, they are often added in ponds and lakes. Swans make the scenery in any pond or lake complete which further makes a peaceful nature impression. Although swans may look everlasting, they also suffer from some health problems. Their actual lifespan runs around 20 to 30 years but due to several health problems, swans only live for an average of 7 years. So if you are rearing swans in your place, it is important to know some important swan health facts in order to guide their health. The following are helpful information about swan health:

  • A lot of swans nowadays are dying from poison. Since swans are wandering birds, they...

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Thinking of Raising Swans? Important Considerations Before You Buy Swan

Swans look beautiful in any pond or lake. They are used oftentimes for decorative purposes on farms, gardens, zoos and many more, but they can also be used as a pet or a source of income. In getting started, you can buy swan from a variety of breeders available in your place. It is advisable to buy in pairs, so you can start to breed on your own at the right time of breeding. Swans have various species and there are many choices in buying one. Each species is unique to a specific place or climate so you must determine first the specie appropriate for the area you live in.

Be guided of the following types of swan in order to purchase swan wisely:

  1. Mute Swan - These swans are Eurasian species that are living in lower latitudes than any other swan species. It is common across European countries, China and lower parts of Russia.
  2. Black Swan - these species are common in Australia and New...

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Keeping Swans - 5 Tips If You Are Thinking of Raising Swan

The importance of the beauty of one’s house cannot be undermined in any way. The home is where the heart, mind, body and soul of the people who reside in it find rest and refuge after a long and tiring day away from home. Whether you are a young career person who is just starting out his stint in the corporate world, or a man in his prime, just treating each day as a big blessing, the inner peace that a home can bring really helps you cope with the world’s stress. Having the right ornaments - which sometimes includes lovely home flock such as geese - will greatly help achieve this purpose. For more information on how to raise geese for any use that may be beneficial to you, all you have to do is read on.

The best way to start to learn how to raise geese is to go to a professional hatchery and ask for a few tips there. Normally, they would not disclose all the information that they know...

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Why is Feeding Swans One of the Most Crucial Parts of Raising Swans?

Feeding swans is one of the most crucial parts of raising swans on your property. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do as swans will happily exist on the spoils of nature. You should toss out birdseed mixture that is meant for geese and ducks as well as tiny bread crumbs. The swans will happily exist on these elements as long as they have water and some sort of shelter where they can survive.

In order to properly raise swans, you need to create their natural habitat for them. You do not want to try to domesticate these animals as it is unfair to the swan as well as yourself. Swans that are raised in the confines of a home or that are caged will become aggressive creatures. The swan is not a normally aggressive bird, it is an elegant bird that decries beauty. You do not have to cage the - feeding swans is enough to make sure that they will come back to you and want to make your home...

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Raising Swans - 3 Secrets and Techniques in Keeping Swans Healthy

Swans - just by hearing the word makes you feel elegant inside. If we remember very well, they are always seen in fairytale movies and in real life nature escapades. Every pond you see in private properties has to have a horde of swans to complete the scenic view. Admit it or not, you always have that pure feeling within when you see them playing around with water or just floating peacefully amid the lake.

But how would you feel if one of the swans is wallowing over a disease? The everlasting look of a swan shuts off from there. The peaceful sanctuary caused by the swans might not be the place they want to live in anymore.

Thus, it’s always good to find better ways and techniques in keeping swans. Swans can live for as long as 25 years. But because there is a lot of emerging swan diseases that occur in their nesting area, the average lifespan as of date has now turned into seven...

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How to Raise Swans - Tips on Raising Swans Like a Pro

Most of us who want to learn how to raise swans have one thing in mind: to make them multiply. In fact, when you really want to learn extensively about swans, you can go and get advices from a swan breeder. So when you know how to raise swans, you do not need to worry about their productivity because they breed for life.

Like any other bird species, female swans mate with male swans and lay eggs. The female swans usually do all the reproductive works and you just have to sit back and wait for the hatching course to take place. When the cygnets get out from their egg shells, the parents do their job by accompanying them to their daily habits. They assist them in swimming into the pond or when they need something to eat.

For beginners, for you to effectively know how to raise swans, you will have to find an exclusive area that is conducive for the swans’ growth and development. You...

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